Members of Korn and No Doubt show up on 'Wanderland' - and the results are "dope"...

KELIS has told NME.COM she feared her collaboration with members of KORN and NO DOUBT on her forthcoming album ‘WANDERLAND’ “could have gone dreadfully”, but came away happy with the results.

Kelis recently finished recording the follow up to her 1999 debut ‘Kaleidoscope’. Scheduled for release on October 15, ‘Wanderland’ features fourteen original compositions produced by Pharrel Williams and Chad Hugo aka The Neptunes and R&B group N.E.R.D..

Kelis said that that unlike ‘Kaleidoscope’, much of ‘Wanderland’ was written solo.

She commented: “The biggest change is that I wrote a lot of this record myself. One of the assumptions people made about ‘Kaleidoscope’ was that I couldn’t really write. I’ve always written, I just wasn’t really in the state of mind to write a lot of the first record.”

‘Wanderland’ features collaborations with rapper Terrar, Korn bassist Fieldy and members of No Doubt.

Singer Gwen Stefani doesn’t appear on the album, but co-wrote the track ‘Perfect Day’ with Pharrell Williams and persuaded the rest of the band to play on it. Asked about the tracks with No Doubt and Feldy, Kelis commented: “Both of those collaborations could have gone dreadfully, but the final tracks are both really dope. It sounds like them with me – rather than me fronting one of their bands. Basically, they funked out for me!”

Kelis releases a new single titled ‘Young, Fresh N’ New’ on October 22.

The single features remixes from So Solid Crew and Timo Maas.