The star reckons the tracks chosen do not offer a "clear perspective" on 'Wanderland'...

KELIS has reacted angrily to the tracklisting of a five-song sampler CD being used to promote her forthcoming album, ‘WANDERLAND’.

The sampler CD has been sent out to numerous media outlets by Kelis’ record company, Virgin, as a taster of her second album, out October 8.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, Kelis said: “That’s a very interesting sampler. It’s not that they’re not my favourite ones, it’s that I didn’t choose these to be on my sampler…

“I didn’t pick (tracks) ‘Mr U.F.O.’ and ‘Get Even’,” Kelis complained. “I love those songs, but ‘Get Even’ is heavy in the sense that ‘Young, Fresh & New’ (the next single, also on the sampler, released on September 17) is heavy and I wanted people to have a clear perspective of the record. People are always looking for an angry track from me and I just would not have put it on my sampler.”

“‘Mr U.F.O.’ is a duet (with Pharell Williams of her production team, The Neptunes) so I wouldn’t have put it on there.”

Other guests on the album include rapper Roscoe and Fieldy, Korn‘s bassist. Despite such variety, however, Kelis doubts that her new material will win her any new fans. “People will only buy my album if their friends tell them to. It’s not something you hear on the radio and get…they don’t sound like anything else. I try to be independent of everything else.”