This week's NME cover star and the woman behind 'I hate you so much right now' gets interviewed...

NME tracked Kelis – the woman behind the song that’s called ‘Caught Out There’ which everyone simples knows as ‘I Hate You So Much Right Now’ – to quiz her on her music and her life and came back with more than we bargained for. Forthright and critical – nothing was safe from Kelis from Hilary Clinton’s attempt for political office to her critics via space and aliens.

The full interview is in this week’s NME but you can hear Kelis here on nme.com , see two video interview clips and see the video for called ‘Caught Out There’.

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Kelis on Hilary Clinton – “She’s that bitch, I give her crazy respect…She gets no fucking credit. NONE!”

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Kelis on criticism – “I’m very clearly not like anyone else. People I flip out sometimes when it’s not appropriate…The biggest problem I have is I don’t like people playing dumb.”

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Kelis on space – “I’ve always felt I come from a different place….It is the year 3000…I always think what makes the floor so great anyay?”

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Kelis on aliens – “Everyone’s always like ‘Gosh you believe in aliens’. And I’m just like, ‘DUH?’ It’s just a dumb question.”

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See the video interviews – these require Quicktime – which can be downloaded [url=]here

Video excerpt

Video interview on the album

Video interview on the single

See more on Kelis the official site here