Kelly Lee Owens says she was “channelling a part of Keith Flint” in her single ‘On’

The track had the working title 'Spirit Of Keith'

Kelly Lee Owens has discussed “channelling a part of Keith Flint” on her recent single ‘On’.

The Welsh DJ and producer was speaking to NME for a new Big Read interview about her recent second album, ‘Inner Song’.

In the interview, Owens explained that she wrote ‘On’ on the day in 2019 that the Prodigy frontman had died by suicide.


“I genuinely felt like I was channelling a part of Keith Flint when I was writing the lyrics to that song and I asked to be guided in that sense,” Owens told NME, revealing that the track had a working title of ‘Spirit Of Keith’. “When he passed I felt deeply affected. It felt like losing one of your own, you know?

“When he was on stage he gave it everything and you could tell it was one of the biggest loves of his life. He loved to do it; he was in that moment and didn’t care what other people thought. I’m so inspired by people like that. They give you courage.”

Keith Flint
Keith Flint of The Prodigy. (Picture: Getty)

Upon its release at the end of August, NME gave Kelly Lee Owens’ ‘Inner Song’ a five-star review, writing: “By allowing her songs to breathe, leaving space for contemplation, ‘Inner Song’ is a perfectly-arranged album where each track has a part to play: an emotive-yet-euphoric collection that’s made for late-night reflection, Kelly Lee Owens has made one of the most beautiful records of the year.”

Back in May, ex-Prodigy keyboardist Leeroy Thornhill revealed that the band are currently in the process of finishing their new album to honour the late Keith Flint.