And no, it doesn't include any other family members…

KELLY OSBOURNE has landed a new role in a US TV drama.

The singer is set to star as a teenager who is taunted by her schoolmates for being overweight in ‘Life As We Know It’.

In the show Kelly tries to start a relationship with another student played by newcomer Chris Lowell, but it hits the rocks when his friends tease him about her size.

The singer, who is currently working on her second album, said she was offended when she was first offered the part.

She told MTV.COM: “I was like, ‘I am not fat! I don’t want to play the fat girl! I can’t believe you sent this to me!'”

But Kelly decided to have a rethink when she realised that she might be able to help make people feel better about themselves.

“If I did something like this, like for that little girl who lives in the Midwest, who people make fun of because she doesn’t have a flat stomach, I can make her feel good about who she is,” she added.