The singer says "there wasn't a second in a 24-hour day that I wasn't high on something" before she entered rehab...

KELLY OSBOURNE has spoken for the first time about going into rehab.

As previously reported, the singer entered a clinic after Sharon and Ozzy were contacted by a British newspaper wanting a comment on a photo which they said appeared to show Kelly buying drugs.

According to BBC news, the singer has been interviewed by her brother Jack for ITV1’s ‘Tonight’ programme.


She said that she turned to drugs and just before she went into rehab she was “completely and utterly miserable”.

She said: “In the beginning, you do it because it makes you feel good and then it gets to the point were it stops making you feel good and you do it because you don’t know what else to do.

“Painkillers weren’t the only drugs I did… towards the end, there wasn’t a second in a 24-hour day that I wasn’t high on something.”

She continued: “We lived in America for a year and a half and I still really didn’t have any friends and I didn’t like it. I didn’t fit in anywhere because I was the chubby English girl and didn’t want to drive a BMW and wear designer clothing and be in that world.

“I went to this place and I sat next to this person and he just started talking to me and I was like. ‘Golly, this person’s talking to me – why?’ And then I met this whole little group of people and he goes, ‘Oh, here take this, it’s really great. It will make you feel really good’.

“So I took it, and then suddenly I was at the centre of attention… and for the first time I felt like I fitted in and was comfortable.”


The show is due to be screened this evening (May 24) in the UK.