Kelly Price and Jaheim gig preview...

Soul superstar KELLY PRICE and celebrated newcomer JAHEIM are teaming up to perform live at LONDON HAMMERSMITH ODEON on March 4 and March 5. (Monday March 5 was originally scheduled for Saturday 3, but has been moved to Monday March 5).

In the week following these concerts’ announcement, anticpation for these evenings (featuring live band) is high. Why? Because Price is blessed with a powerful, evocative voice and her material – culled from her two albums, ‘Soul Of A Woman’ and ‘Mirror Mirror’ – speaks directly to the urban female. Price’s music speaks of one’s reluctance to give up on no-good, not-trying-hard-enough man; it confirms the belief of listeners who believe in the depth of their love over the reality of shoddy treatment by their partners. But Price’s unique quality is that her songs have an acute visuality to them – their ‘realness’ is tangible not just because Price’s voice yelps and leaps over the puncture holes in her heart, but because the influence of gospel resonates from her mouth so sweetly.

The fact that newcomer Jaheim has been added to the roster is not just an endorsement of his critical acclaim, but the live dates will precede the release of his forthcoming debut album, ‘Ghetto Love’ (and provide any males in the audience with their sole spokesperson).

For tickets details, contact the venue direct.

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