Kendall and Kylie Jenner ‘rip off’ classic band t-shirts

Replicas of shirts by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and more are being sold for $125

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner have shared a new fashion range, which appropriates a range of classic band t-shirts.

Shirts from the likes of Pink Floyd, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Ozzy Osbourne and more have been edited for the pair’s new range, and now feature the Jenner’s likenesses displayed across the classic artwork.

The shirts are being sold for £125 each via their web store, which states that stocks are already running low.


Check out some images from the new merchandise range below.

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As Consequence of Sound report, the practise is not illegal. However, it has not stopped many fans of the bands in question from expressing their outrage via social media.


Last year, Topshop came under similar fire from Against Me! fans and the band’s own Laura Jane Grace, after they were found to be selling a studded leather jacket with the Against Me! logo on it, without the band’s permission.

Grace shared a picture of the jacket on Twitter in September 2016, writing: “Hey @Topshop, you’re selling a $700 leather jacket with my bands name on it and you have no permission. Not cool.”

Responding to questions on Twitter, Grace told fans, “”Against Me!” is a trademark that I in fact legally own,” and said: “Even the font they used is stolen.”

Rihanna also won a lengthy legal battle against Topshop in 2015 after the UK clothing chain used her image on a T-shirt without permission. Sales of the item were banned as three judges at the Court of Appeal in London agreed that marketing the unlicensed T-shirt amounted to “passing off”. Rihanna’s victory marked the first successful celebrity case of its kind.