Frank Ocean texted Jeremy Strong about his recently released ‘Succession’ rap ‘L to the OG’

The HBO show's viral rap got its official release this week

Succession star Jeremy Strong says Frank Ocean texted him about his viral rap from the HBO show, ‘L To The OG’.

Kendall Roy’s rap, taken from a series two highlight of the hit drama, was given an official release on all streaming services today (May 21).

In Succession season two, ‘L To The OG’ was performed by Roy, played by Strong, in tribute to his billionaire father Logan in one of the show’s most memorable moments to date.


Strong has now revealed that, upon the scene airing, he received a text from Ocean complimenting the rap.

“I did get a text from Frank Ocean that said, ‘L to the OG’ with a crying face emoji,” he told Variety. “I took it as the highest possible compliment because he’s one of my heroes. It was small props but it meant the world.”

Listen to the official version of ‘L To The OG’ below.

The official release of the song also included an instrumental composed by Nicholas Britell, who helms the score for the show. Find both versions below.


“It was an impulse. I didn’t plan it out,” Strong told Variety of his performance in the show.

“I watched a lot of rap performances and just looked at the behaviour. In general, I think it’s important to never prescribe anything so I just went for it.”

Speaking of how much of a phenomenon the song became, Strong said that “it became apparent when people were dressed for this thing as Halloween”.

Succession 1-2 will be available on Sky on demand from June 8, and is available to digitally download now

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