Kendrick Lamar says he visited Ronald Isley to ask to use ‘That Lady’ on new track ‘I’

The rapper visited the singer's house in St Louis

Kendrick Lamar has revealed that he turned up at Ronald Isley house to personally ask permission to sample his song for his comeback single ‘i’.

Speaking to Zane Lowe last night on BBC Radio One, the rapper explained how he went out of his way to sample The Isley Brothers’ 1973 track ‘That Lady’ for his new album, the follow-up album to 2012’s ‘Good Kid, MAAd City’.

“I actually had to go to St Louis and get the blessings from Ronald Isley,” he said. “That was a trip. We got in the studio and just vibed and talked about how things were back then and how they are now, and you can actually hear him on the record with a few ad libs that he actually did. We got it on camera and things like that, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Lamar added that rather than viewing ‘i’ as merely a single from his new album, he sees it as a more of a declaration of intent. “A lot of times people say ‘singles’, ‘first song,'” he commented. “But my initial goal every time I release new music is to make a statement, and that’s exactly what I want to do with this one. I’m replacing the word ‘single’ with ‘statement’ from now on.”

He hopes to have the new album out before 2015. “I’m hoping to get it out before the end of the year,” he stated. “I have a lot of great pieces where if my hand was forced to put it out tomorrow, I’d be comfortable with it. But, me being a perfectionist at heart, I really like to sit in with records and not only make it 100 per cent, but 110 per cent.”

Listen to ‘i’ below.