Kendrick Lamar says rapping about MDMA is ‘not cool’

Rapper says 'Molly' references are watering down hip-hop culture

Kendrick Lamar says rapping about “Molly”, the pure powder or crystal form of MDMA, is watering down hip-hop culture.

He says rap’s fascination with the drug gives people the wrong impression about the genre. Speaking to MTV, he said: “Sometimes you have the trends that’s not that cool. You may have certain artists portraying these trends and don’t really have that lifestyle and then it gives off the wrong thing. And it becomes kinda corny after a while. It’s really about keeping hip-hop original and pushing away the corniness in it.”

While Lamar didn’t single out any MCs, the drug has been referenced by one of its street names, Molly, in rhymes by Trinidad James, Kanye West, Mac Miller and Rick Ross. The latter sparked uproar earlier this year with a line in Rocko’s ‘U.O.E.N.O’ about spiking an unknowing woman’s drink with the drug. Ross later issued an apology for the lyrics, but was soon after dropped from an endorsement deal with sportswear brand Reebok.

Lamar, speaking before a performance in Gulf Shores, Alabama, continued: “When everybody consciously now uses this term or this phrase and putting it in lyrics, it waters the culture down. So it’s really just time to move on.”

Molly isn’t the only substance the Compton-born rapper has spoken out about. His track ‘Swimming Pools (Drank)’ deals with alcohol abuse, while his dislike of cannabis, due to a bad experience with the drug, is a constant theme throughout his album ‘good kid m.A.A.d city’.