Full title of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ revealed through secret braille message

Message contained within the CD release's booklet

Kendrick Lamar‘s recently released ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ contained a hidden braille message within the CD release’s booklet that the rapper claims reveals the full title of the album.

As pointed out by Stereogum, Kendrick spoke about the secret script in a recent interview with Mass Appeal. [There]’s actually a sketch of braille that’s added to the title hidden inside the [CD] booklet that I don’t think nobody has caught yet,” he said. “You can actually feel the bump lines. But if you can see it, which is the irony of it, you can break down the actual full title of the album.”

To find out what the message said, Complex recruited a teacher of the visually impaired who translated the message to, ‘A Kendrick By Letter Blank Lamar’. Presumably, this should read ‘A Blank Letter by Kendrick Lamar’, and the full album title is actually ‘To Pimp A Butterfly: A Blank Letter by Kendrick Lamar’.

The teacher also said that K. Dot used uncontracted braille, which is the most basic form of the writing system, requiring the least amount of cognitive burden on the reader.

In addition to dropping secret braille messages, Lamar recently partnered with health food company Sweetgreen for a new salad called ‘Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe’. The dish, named after his track ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’, will be sold at the US salad chain’s stores throughout May ahead of the rapper’s performance at their Sweetlife Festival, which takes place in Maryland from May 30-31.