Kendrick Lamar confirms that he has ‘more music’ coming

Could we get the other surprise new album after all?

Kendrick Lamar has excited fans by revealing that he has ‘more music coming’.

After the surprise release of his acclaimed new album ‘DAMN.‘ earlier this month, many fans were left expecting a swift follow-up – as rumours spread of another new record dropping in the days after. Fans were left very sorely disappointed, but it now it looks like there is some hope.

Appearing at a special signing session for the album in his native hometown of Compton, California, the Grammy-winning rapper told fans via a live Instagram video: “I got some more music.”


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Fans have since taken online to voice their excitement, and speculate as to whether this will indeed be the anticipated second new album or a single – and when we can expect to hear it:

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Fans were left speculating after it spread that his Tweets were reffering to ‘The Other Colour’ in The Matrix to hint at a new release. On ‘The Heart 4’, Lamar raps: “my next album, the whole industry on a ice pack… with TOC, you see the flames.” Reddit users believe that ‘TOC’ is ‘The Other Colour’.

Morpheus famously offered Neo a red pill or a blue pill in The Matrix. Earlier today, producer Sounwave tweeted ‘But what if I told you… that’s not the official version..’ followed by a picture of Morpheus. He later changed his Spotify artwork so that the bricks in the ‘DAMN’ artwork changed from red to blue – further suggesting that a sister album will be dropping soon.

One fan went as far as to film himself drinking a milkshake made out of vinyl after losing a bet about the new album dropping.