Watch Kendrick Lamar discuss new album ‘DAMN.’ and hint at more new music in Beats 1 interview

The Compton rapper has spoken to Zane Lowe about a number of subjects regarding his acclaimed new album

Kendrick Lamar has given his first on-camera interview following the release of his fourth studio album, ‘DAMN.’, speaking in depth about the record and hinting at the prospect of more new music.

The Compton rapper released his latest project last Friday (April 14) following a stand-alone track (‘The Heart Pt. 4’) and its official lead single, ‘Humble’. The new album features credited guest spots from Rihanna and U2, while the likes of Kaytranada, James Blake and Rat Boy are all present in some form on the record.

Granting Beats One’s Zane Lowe the first on-camera interview about ‘DAMN.’, Lamar went into depth on a number of thematic and conceptual points about the album. During the 45-minute chat with the DJ – which you can watch below – the rapper discussed his approach to Donald Trump on the record (“We’re not focusing on him. What’s going on now – we focusing on self”), how the track ‘BLOOD’ is “one of the most interesting pieces on the record”, and how he would prefer to see the reaction of his fans to the new album when he performs live.


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“I just want to give it to the people and let them take it and live with it and breathe it,” Lamar said. “Then when I come back on that stage, that’s when I want to feel it. That’s when I want to see it, that’s when I want to see your reaction. I can’t get that same reaction on internet, through some comments. When I go out there and I see people just really taking these songs to heart, that’s the reaction.”

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Pressed on whether fan speculation surrounding the imminent release of a second album of new material was correct, Lamar remained coy – but did admit that he was impressed by the lengths his fans had gone to when it came to deciphering any possible lyrical clues.

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“There’s things. A lot of times people that listen to my music they’re really good. Really, really, really good. I be mind-blown. I be blown away.”