Watch Kendrick Lamar’s fans rap a word-perfect rendition of ‘Humble’ back at him

"I appreciate y'all so fucking much".

Kendrick Lamar watched on in awe earlier this week when his fans sang back a word-perfect rendition of ‘Humble’ at the rapper.

The powerful moment came during a show in Glendale, Arizona, when he stopped performing the track and let his fans take over.

After dropping the line ‘My left stroke just went viral’, his fans immediately took over and performed the rest of the verse before going straight into the chorus – with Kendrick watching on silently in awe.

“Man, I appreciate y’all so fucking much”, a visibly moved Kendrick tells his fans in the clip.

The massive moment came during the middle of Kendrick’s huge US tour – which will next see him stopping off in Dallas tonight.

Meanwhile, he was full of praise for close friend Jay Z‘s latest album 4:44, after he debuted it on Tidal last month.

Kendrick wrote on Twitter: “4:44. WOW. MASTER TEACHER.”

During a recent interview with Dave Chappelle, he also opened up on recent album ‘DAMN ‘ and discussed the meaning behind the record’s closing track, ‘DUCKWORTH’ which tells of the time Lamar’s father prevented an armed robbery at the KFC where he was working to provide for the rapper as a child.