Watch Kendrick Lamar back a Jay-Z presidential bid at the 2018 Grammy Awards

The rapper made the tongue-in-cheek comment while collecting his latest trophy

Kendrick Lamar backed Jay-Z for a presidential bid while accepting the award for Best Rap Album at the 2018 Grammy Awards tonight (January 28).

The Compton rapper beat Jay-Z to the prize with his album ‘Damn’. He was nominated for seven awards at the ceremony, and has won five so far.

During his acceptance speech, Lamar paid tribute to hip-hop as well as his heroes of the genre. “This one’s special, man,” he began. “Hip-hop, man. I say hip-hop.” 

He continued to explain what hip-hop meant to him, saying it was “the thing that got me on this stage, that got me on tour around the world to support my family.” “Most importantly, it showed me the true definition of what being an artist was,” he said.

“From the jump, I thought it was about the accolades, and the cars, and the clothes,” he continued. “But it’s really about putting that paint on the canvas for the world to evolve, for the next generation after that, you know what I’m saying? Hip-hop has done that for me.”

Lamar spoke about some of the artists in the room who had influenced him, saying: “I got a lot of guys in this building that I still idolise to this day – Jay-Z, Nas, Puff. Let’s show it for hip-hop. That’s love, baby.”

Before he left the stage, he threw in a cheeky comment to his fellow nominee Jay-Z, adding: “Jay for President.”

Lamar is still up for Record Of The Year and Album Of The Year. Bruno Mars is also a multiple award-winner so far at the 2018 Grammys, having picked up four awards so far. Keep up to date with all the winners here.