Kendrick Lamar says he isn’t working on a new album

He also discussed the success of his 'Black Panther' soundtrack album

Kendrick Lamar gave a rare interview to the Los Angeles Times, in which he gave disappointing news for any fans expecting new material anytime soon.

He did, however, reveal that he’s working on something ‘long-form’, and was reportedly heading to the studio shortly after the interview.

The paper said of Lamar: “He’s friendly but cryptic, inclined toward vague generalities open to interpretation. He’s been writing long-form, but declines to articulate what it’s about, what themes are recurring and in what form it will eventually see release.


“He claims he hasn’t been working on a new album, but says that he’s constantly working. Someone in his camp mentions they’re going to the studio immediately after this.”

Lamar’s last album proper was 2017’s ‘Damn.’ He did, however, serve as executive producer for ‘Black Panther: The Album’, which was released to tie in with the Marvel blockbuster.

Lamar earned a Grammy nomination for the record, which he discussed with the LA Times.

“This is another landmark, another stepping stone to something bigger and greater,” he said. “Best believe I’m proud. And I know Ryan [Coogler, Black Panther writer and director] is as well. Our initial bond came from being from California and having similar backgrounds and stories.

“In our first conversation, he told me about how [the film] was centered in the Bay Area. I’d never heard anything like that, as far as for a film in the Marvel universe. I was immediately all in.”


A studio album might still be a long way away, but fans will be able to catch Lamar live in 2019, with the acclaimed rapper announcing his first dates last month.

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