The Swedish popsters aim to create "an epicentre for music lovers globally"...

Swedish popsters KENT have designed a new website which showcases the best Internet radio stations from across the world.

The band’s official website has been launched at [url=], and is intended to be “an epicentre for music lovers globally to gain easy access to some of the newest radio stations playing cutting edge music”.

Speaking in a statement, the band revealed the inspiration behind the site, saying: “It’s always cool to hear broadcasts from places like Johannesburg or Tokyo when you’re stuck in the back of a tour bus in the middle of nowhere. We wanted to have a site that people could go to, leave a recommendation and people all over the world could see that and tune in.”

It is anticipated that Kent will be introducing the online stations to listeners, and offering their own personal reviews and recommendations on different stations as the site develops.

Kent also release a new single, ‘Music Non Stop’ on July 10 through RCA/BMG.