The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne discusses Kesha’s Dr Luke abuse claims

Coyne says he sensed a degree of 'anxiety about their relationship' in the past

The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has spoken about Kesha‘s recent allegations of “emotional abuse and sexual assault” against her producer and mentor Dr Luke.

As previously reported, Kesha is suing Dr Luke amid claims of drug-induced rape. The pop singer filed the lawsuit on October 14 and is looking to be freed from her contract with the producer, who has also worked with Katy Perry and Jessie J.

Coyne previously worked with Kesha on a track for his band’s ‘Heady Fwends’ release, as well as the scrapped ‘Lipsha’ album. Speaking to, the singer said that while he “doesn’t know” Dr Luke, he has from the pop star in the past.


“I don’t really know the situation, only they do, I hope it works out,” Coyne says. “I don’t know Dr. Luke at all, but when we [Kesha and I] speak, I know there’s some anxiety about their relationship.”

He added: “I think she would like to have the freedom to do more things in that spirit. Where it’s not — again, I don’t know their situation — but where it’s not producers producing her. She could produce herself, that’s probably what she is wanting to happen with her own career. I love Kesha, she’s great. Miley (Cyrus) is a lot more of her own entity, I think the success of Hannah Montana has allowed her to be the king of her own destiny. And I think Kesha will get to that eventually. She doesn’t have that sort of power now, but I think she will eventually.”

Coyne added that he recorded “four or five songs” with Kesha but that they weren’t allowed to be released because Dr Luke “would kill her” if they were.

“[Miley] doesn’t have a dilemma like Kesha did, or does. But the stuff that we did together [with Kesha] was just spectacular, and it made us want to do more. And I think we did like four or five songs, and then Kesha would remind me, ’Wayne, I can’t put this music out, Dr Luke will kill me.’ I was like, ’Oh! I didn’t know!’”

“If the music is great, all these other things that get in the way — like the Dr Luke thing — it’s like, ’We can get through that, it’ll be OK.’ I don’t really know the situation, only they do, I hope it works out. I hope that everybody can hear this music [that we made], it’s great. It will be great [even] if it takes five years to come out. The music that we did together, it’s just stellar and I know that’s why she wants it to come out.”

Kesha left a rehab facility in Chicago earlier in 2014 after receiving treatment for an eating disorder. At the time, she accused Dr Luke of perpetuating her illness.


Meanwhile, Dr Luke has rejected claims of abuse, calling the allegations “nothing more than a continuation of her bad and offensive acts”.

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