Watch Kesha make emotional plea for voters to protect LGBT rights against Donald Trump

Singer also talks about being bullied as a child

Kesha has appealed to US voters to protect LGBT rights in the forthcoming presidential election.

She has urged the electorate to go against Donald Trump and vote for Hillary Clinton, in Vevo’s ‘Why I Vote’ campaign in a video you can watch below.

Previously, rapper T.I. spoke about how the war on drugs hurt his family growing up and rapper Vic Mensa reflected on his traumatising experiences with police brutality. 


“In this election especially, I feel like you’re choosing between someone who is promising to build walls and someone who is hopeful,” Kesha said. “If those are my two options, I definitely wanna go with hope.”

“Using your voice and your truth and standing up and talking about what you believe in and voting is your power. You need to utilise that,” she adds.

During a visit to the Los Angeles LGBT Centre, she also tells those present at the community centre that she is part of the fight in protecting the recently passed marriage equality act and protecting transgender rights.

Showing clips from home videos, Kesha recalls her childhood in Nashville where she was repeatedly bullied by her classmates and peers for being “different.” She says she struggled with her sexuality, fearing that she might be gay, which would make her ability to fit in even more difficult. 

Kesha said her mother, Nashville songwriter Pebe Sebert, always told her “every single person is equal.”


Earlier this week, the singer took legal action to block Dr Luke from leaking her medical records.

The singer has been embroiled in legal action against the producer and label boss Lukasz Gottwald since 2014. She accused him of rape and sexual abuse.