Kesha recalls UFO sighting that influenced new album ‘Rainbow’

The singer recently shared her first new music since her legal battle with producer Dr. Luke

Kesha has recalled a UFO sighting that had some influence on her new album, ‘Rainbow’.

The singer released new single ‘Praying‘, her first new music since her legal battle with producer Dr. Luke.

Speaking on the Zach Sang Show, Kesha recalled her extraterrestrial experience. “I was in Joshua Tree, totally sober,” she said. “Let me preface – completely fucking sober. I think people would be like ‘She was on acid’ or something. I wasn’t. I was on nothing. I was a totally sober Sally, just a lady in the desert.

“I look up in the sky and there’s a bunch of spaceships,” she continued. “I swear to God, there were like five to seven and I don’t know why I didn’t, like, try to take a picture of it. I just looked at it. I was sitting on a rock and I was like, ‘What in the hell is that?’ I was trying to figure it out and then they went away. And then they came back.”

She explained that the spaceships later came back “in a different formation”. Watch the interview below via Billboard.

One of the songs on Kesha’s new album ‘Rainbow’, due for release on August 11, is called ‘Spaceship’. The artwork for the record also features a series of UFOs.

Last week, in an open letter on Lenny about the inspiration behind her first single in four years, Kesha wrote: “I’ve overcome obstacles, and I have found strength in myself even when it felt out of reach. I’ve found what I had thought was an unobtainable place of peace.

“This song is about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you. It’s a song about learning to be proud of the person you are even during low moments when you feel alone. It’s also about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.”

She continued: “I know that I was never abandoned by my fans, my animals, or my family, but when you are depressed — really, truly depressed — you feel like you have nothing. Even having my kitties sleeping next to me in my darkest of hours couldn’t bring me light. It is in these moments when even the most cynical among us are forced to turn to something other than ourselves — we turn to prayer, or something like it. You look past your shame, past your desire to hide, and admit you need help.”

Read her full open letter on Lenny here.