Kevin Kennedy is the latest British soap star to attempt a career in music...

‘CORONATION STREET’s CURLY WATTS, aka actor Kevin Kennedy, releases his debut single ‘BULLDOG NATION‘ on June 5 through ARISTA RECORDS

The actor signed a five-album deal with the label last year after coming out of The Priory rehabilitation centre, where he was treated for his addiction to alcohol.

In his youth, Kennedy used to be in a band with The SmithsJohnny Marr and Andy Rourke called the Paris Valentinos before leaving to forge his acting career. He also played part-time in Kevin Kennedy And The Bunch Of Thieves, and has collaborated with The Saw Doctors.

A spokesman for the actor said: “Kevin attributes his luck in rediscovering his musical talent to the time he spent in rehab for his addiction to alcohol.

“Kevin found solace and inspiration in his guitar and started writing songs, some of which will appear on his debut album which will be released later this year.

“He’s a true rock ‘n’ roller if there ever was one.”