Kevin Morby shares letter he wrote to Blink-182 aged 12

But he never ended up sending it

Kevin Morby has spoken of his love for Blink-182 and shared a letter he wrote to the band while in 7th grade.

Morby was appearing on the Turned Out A Punk podcast, hosted by Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham, when he was asked about how he got into punk music.

“It would’ve been from some radio band — technically maybe Blink-182 which led me to Green Day,” Morby began. “I’ve always said that Green Day are the greatest gateway drug that there is. Once you’re onto Green Day, you’re only twice removed from the best music ever.”


After appearing on the podcast, Morby proved his love of Tom, Mark and Travis, sharing a photo of a letter that he sent to Blink-182 while in the 7th grade on Instagram.

“Please read this hole [sic] letter. I’ve spent months getting your guys address,” the letter states, though Morby revealed on Turned Out A Punk that he never ended up sending the letter.

It continues: “…I always wear wear my blink 182 tee shirts. Everyone at school just makes fun of me because I don’t wear the ‘nice cloths’ or like rap. Sorry I know Travis likes rap. It’s ok but I go for punk.” The letter says “PLEASE READ” in big letters half way through. See it below.

The letter reveals that Morby was in a band called School Master Slugs at the time, adding that “we are only 12 & 13 so we were learning new things every day.”


Kevin Morby released his latest album ‘Oh My God’ last year. A four-star NME review of the album said: “The American songwriter questions it all on his divine fifth album, a remarkable achievement that may serve as a companion and guide in tough times.”