Kevin Morby shares ‘Singing Saw’ outtake ‘Dumcane’

The album just marked five years since its release

Kevin Morby has released ‘Dumcane’, an outtake from his 2016 album ‘Singing Saw’ to mark its fifth anniversary.

In a post on Instagram, Morby said he took ‘Dumcane’ to the recording sessions for ‘Singing Saw’, but it didn’t make the cut because it “wasn’t feeling quite right sitting next to the other songs”. The track was then taken to Kyle Thomas and reimagined as a stripped-down song.

“For reasons beyond me this version of ‘Dumcane’ sat inside Kyle’s tape machine lost and forgotten the last five years until Kyle stumbled upon it a few weeks ago while going through old tapes only days before Singing Saws fifth birthday,” Morby said.


“It felt like a sign from the universe that the song could finally take flight. I am so happy to share this document of Kyle and I making music in his Pine Room on some sunny afternoon in what seems like a lifetime ago.”

Listen to ‘Dumcane’ below:

NME gave ‘Singing Saw’ a four-star review back in 2016, describing it as “a surreal world of death, love and murder populated by vultures, coyotes and one wandering man on the verge of losing his mind”.

“Using twilight walks into the mountains as inspiration and the shabby house he shares with his girlfriend, his guitars and an old piano as his base, Morby cooked up a glorious third album.”


Morby has released three studio albums since, his last one being the 2020 record ‘Sundowner’, which was given three stars from NME upon its release.

More recently, Morby shared the standalone single ‘US Mail’ in October, encouraging fans to write him letters in order to support the US postal service around the time of the election.