Rowland accuses his former label boss McGee of treating last year's 'My Beauty' project as a "punk rock joke"...

ALAN MCGEE and Kevin Rowland have fallen out over the singer’s disastrously received comeback album ‘MY BEAUTY’, released last year on CREATION RECORDS.

The album was made up of a collection of cover versions selected by Rowland and featured the singer wearing make up, a skirt, stockings and women’s pants.

The former Dexys Midnight Runners singer said he regretted signing to Creation Records because McGee had treated the project like “a punk rock joke”.


Rowland had been hurt by comments made by McGee in the recently published book ‘Alan McGee & The Story Of Creation Records: This Ecstasy Romance Cannot Last’.

The singer said: “He said in the book that he didn’t think it was a very commercial album and I just think that’s unbelievable that he’s said that. I don’t think he’s released a MORE commercial album.

“I feel I was thrown to the wolves press-wise, without any support… I saw he did an interview last year when somebody said to him ‘was signing Kevin Rowland and the whole poster campaign’, was it your last fuck-off to the music business?’ And he laughed uproariously.”

Speaking last week, Alan McGee admitted that the friendship between the two was now “fucked” and that the experience had taught him one thing – “never sign your heroes”.

McGee said: “For a ‘punk rock gesture’ it was a fucking expensive one if he thinks that’s all it was.

“We spent #270,000 on the album and we spent another quarter of a million pounds promoting the single and #50,000 on a video that gets shown once on BBC Wales in the middle of the night.


“He always said we were going after the ‘middle-aged Robson and Jerome market’. He done some photographs of him in a white T-shirt and a black pair of trousers and we’re supposed to be doing an album of cover versions.

“We spent three years making the album. He then presented me with an image of him in a dress – he never told me when he was making that album that he was presenting himself in a dress and stockings and make up – that was the first time I ever knew.

McGee added: “I wish I hadn’t had put his record out ‘cos I was mates with him before I put the record out. I’ve just now become the person who never sold a million records for him.”

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