Kevin Rowland "I'm not dressing like a woman...these are MEN's dresses"

Former Dexys Midnight Runners frontman Kevin Rowland has announced his return to the music scene with a bizarre national poster campaign depicting him in make-up and women’s clothing whilst hitching up his skirt to show his pants.

A spokesperson at Creation Records, Rowland‘s label, said that the posters were not promoting any new release as such, but were to let people know he was “on his way back”.

Roland sent a fax to label boss Alan McGee to explain his new look.


He states: “I am not dressing up as a woman; I am not wearing women’s clothing or trying to be a woman; I am wearing dresses because I choose to (who’s to say I can’t?); I’m wearing MEN’s dresses; I had them made for me, I designed them myself; it’s NOT a gay thing; it’s NOT a transvestite thing; it’s me as a man expressing my soft sexy side; in all the pictures you can see there is a strong sense of masculinity. This is important; I’m dressing like this because I intend to look amazing when I’m performing; I’m saying, ‘I can wear whatever I like as a man’.”

He concludes: “Please communicate the above to all the people who will be working on my project at Creation. It’s really important we all know what we’re communicating from the outset. And the above is as clear as I can put it. My plan is to sing great and look amazing like a total star.”

Rowland releases an as-yet untitled single in September followed by an album, ‘My Beauty’, in October, the first new material he’s released for more than 11 years.

Of the new 12-track LP, he says in a paid-for (by Creation) advertorial/article in Dazed & Confused magazine: “People will say it’s a covers album. Yeah, it’s other people’s songs. But I don’t see it as a covers LP. It’s more personal than that. These songs happened to speak to me at a particular time in my life, at a crisis point… it was hearing these songs that made me realise how far I had come, how fucked-up I had really got.”

He concludes: “With this record, I feel like I’ve finally come home… I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be fucking massive.”

Does he look ‘stunning’ or disturbing? Should more blokes wear dresses? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst…

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