Kevin Shields says My Bloody Valentine’s new album is more like a ‘sprawling EP’

The musician also said the band will "introduce new ideas" at their live shows this summer

Kevin Shields has said My Bloody Valentine‘s new album is more like a “sprawling EP”.

The band confirmed they were working on new material last year, following rumours they were back in the studio.

Speaking to NPR, Shields said the group had begun recording what will be their fourth record on ProTools over a year ago based on some ideas he had, before beginning recording analogue last summer.


“We only really got backing track stuff done, drums and stuff,” he said. “And then I’ve only really got into it, now, essentially because I’m not making an album in the way I would normally make an album, which is a self-contained thing.

“It’s more like I’m making an EP, but I don’t want to be constrained to four songs or a certain length or anything,” he continued. “It’s really an EP, but it’s a sprawling EP. I’m going to do a couple of them before I do an album.”

He also added that the band would “start introducing new ideas” into their live set at shows this summer. “I just want to mix it up a bit and get away from my ‘every 22 years make an album and then tour and disappear for five years’,” he said.

My Bloody Valentine have confirmed two shows for the coming months so far. They will play London’s Royal Festival Hall on June 23 as part of Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival, while in August they will appear at Japan’s Sonic Mania festival.