Kid Cudi reveals new album title

Rapper announces news via Twitter

Kid Cudi has taken to Twitter to reveal his new album will be titled ‘Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven’. While no further details have been announced, the LP is likely to feature the track ‘My Love’, which was released last month.

“My new album is called ‘Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven’. Coming really really soon, so stay in tune,” posted the rapper and occasional actor.

This will be Cudi’s fifth album, and follow-up to ‘Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon’, which was released just over a year ago.

Last September, Cudi played a set in Atlanta in support of local heroes Outkast, but became aggravated by the crowd’s muted reaction. Despite beginning the show by saying, “I’m just warming you up, we know who you came here to see tonight,” he went on to sarcastically insult the audience saying, “Thanks to my five fans that are here” before telling them to “suck my dick”.