Kid Cudi is tired of “homophobic” trolls questioning his sexuality

The rapper, actor and filmmaker said trolls were "homophobic and sad and will be miserable their whole lives"

Kid Cudi has shared his views on people questioning his sexuality, calling those who do so “homophobic and sad.”

This weekend saw Cudi – real name Scott Mescudi – speak out on Twitter about anti-LGBTQ+ internet trolls who continuously send him comments suggesting that he’s gay.

“[You] know what’s crazy, and really makes me question the world we live in, is when I post a picture of me smiling on IG and there’s mad comments questioning my sexuality floodin’ my page w[ith] insults,” he said. “I feel really bad for y’all, man. It’s sad out here. Man can’t even smile and be happy no more. Smh.”


In two follow-up tweets, he continued: “It’s like ‘Oh he smiling TOO hard!! He [definitely] sucks a dick!’ It’s like, word? That’s what we on now? Homophobic and sad and will be miserable their whole lives.”

One fan replied to Cudi’s tweet, writing: “I’m sorry it got to you, Cudi. I’m sad you think it’s a diss.”

In response, the Grammy Award winner said “It’s more the [ignorance], I’m not insulted. It’s just sad to see people so lame, it’s sad someone, a man, can’t show joy without there being some conversation about their [sexuality]. People been callin’ me gay for years, it is what it is, it just never reached this level of fuckery until now.”


Another fan came to his defence, saying: “You’re literally just smiling in the picture, literally nothing else.”

Kid Cudi concluded his Twitter discussion by replying to a fan thanking him for being someone that shows joy unapologetically. “When I was a lil boy, my dad was super militant,” Cudi said. “It’s almost like being silly was a sign of weakness to him. I vowed when I was young to never let anyone, not even my father, dim my light.”

Recently, the ‘Day ‘N Nite’ singer has been venturing into the film business, releasing his critically-acclaimed 2022 Entergalactic movie. The Netflix special accompanied his eighth studio album of the same name which also came out last year.

Last October, Kid Cudi said that his musical career is “nearing the end” because he doesn’t feel like he has the longevity like other rap stars. The following month, he promised one more album of “all new music” to his fans.

He and Travis Scott were set to release the highly-anticipated collaborative album ‘THE SCOTTS’. However, back in December, Mescudi announced the record had been scrapped and that “the moment has passed.” The 39-year-old still wants to release some tracks from the album as singles.

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