Kid Cudi teases mysterious ‘Asterisk Collective’ project

The rapper has told fans to "stay tuned" for "change coming soon"

Kid Cudi has teased a mysterious new project that appears to be called Asterisk Collective.

The rapper, who collaborated with Kanye West in the acclaimed Kids See Ghosts earlier this year, posted a short mission statement to his Twitter page over the weekend (December 2). “CHANGE IS COMING,” he captioned the post.

In the clip, which is animated with an asterisk made up of red, green, and blue lines, Cudi says: “This is not the world we want. We’re rewriting the script because these rules don’t apply. We’ll be showing up with real people in real places in real ways to inspire positive change.

“Bravery, courage, and action, uniting to showcase the power of creativity. Let’s create a better future together. We are the exception to the rule. We are the Asterisk Collective.” The clip finishes by showing the words “stay tuned”. You can watch and listen to it above.

In October, Cudi told fans he had begun working on his next album. “Taking my time w it tho but I’m thinking next year sometime,” he said when one of his Twitter followers asked when they could hear new music. It is currently unclear whether the Asterisk Collective is related to this new music.

Meanwhile, Lorde accused Cudi and West of “stealing” her floating box stage production after they performed from a suspended glass case during their first public show as Kids See Ghosts.  The New Zealand pop star posted photos of both sets on her Instagram story and warned: “Don’t steal – not from women or anyone else – not in 2018 or ever.”