Kid Rock: ‘Barack Obama is great for black people’

Rap-rocker bigs up the President-elect

Kid Rock has declared his support for US President-elect Barack Obama, saying that his recent election win is “a great thing for black people”.

The rap-rocker, a well-known Republican and vocal supporter of current President George W Bush, told Metro that he would support Democrat Obama when he became President in January, and that he hoped his election would change some stereotypical views of the US as a “racist” country.

“I’m patriotic so I’m just happy the people’s voice has been heard,” he said. “I will support him until I have reason not to.”


“It’s a great thing for black people,” he added. “Black people were kind to me growing up and taught me hip-hop and the blues, so it’s good the US has proved it’s not as racist as it’s sometimes portrayed.”

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