Kid Rock escapes assault charge

Prosecutors claim there is insufficient evidence

Kid Rock will not face charges after being accused of assaulting a woman outside his home.

Prosecutors made the decision on the basis that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the singer.

“The reports are fraught with differing eyewitness accounts and without substantiating injuries there exists insufficient evidence to support a charge,” Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca said in a statement.

Rock’s lawyer Michael Novak, said the singer now planned to sue the woman for filing a false police report, according to Reuters.

He added: “These allegations were taken very seriously by Kid Rock and he’s not going to walk away.”

The 28-year-old woman accused the singer of assaulting her after he invited her and another man to his home to listen to music after meeting them at a bar in Clarkston.

She claims that he grabbed her by the neck twice when she was outside his home before he pushed her toward her car which caused her to fall into a snow bank.

She said that the group were listening to music, but when she decided to go home the singer became angry, because he wanted her to stay the night.

Although Kid Rock admitted to inviting the pair back, he said they were listening to songs from his forthcoming album when she began acting rudely, started criticising his music and acting obnoxious.

The singer also said he asked her to leave and she allegedly made claims she was going to accuse him of assaulting her.