Kid Rock accused of assault

Singer denies attack claims outside his home

Kid Rock has been accused of assaulting a woman outside his home.

The 28-year-old woman claims the singer, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, invited her and another man to his home to listen to music after meeting them at a bar in Clarkston earlier this month, according to Oakland County Under-sheriff Michael McCabe.

She alleges the group were listening to music, but when she decided to go home the singer became angry, because he wanted her to stay the night.

The woman claims he grabbed her by the neck twice when she was outside his home before he pushed her toward her car which caused her to fall into a snow bank.

The man who was with the woman told the same story after being interviewed by deputies, McCabe said.

But although Kid Rock admitted to inviting the pair back, he said they were listening to songs from his forthcoming album when she began acting rudely, started criticising his music and acting obnoxious, reports the The Macomb Daily.

The singer also said he asked her to leave and she allegedly made claims she was going to accuse him of assaulting her.

A third man, claiming to be a witness, has sided with Kid Rock‘s story. No arrests have yet been made.

“At this point, we have two people who say one thing and two other people that say something else,” McCabe added. “Once the investigation is completed, a report will be given to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.”