Kid Rock: MTV doesn’t like black people

And he says MTV made Britney look overweight

Kid Rock has appeared on US radio talking about the major stories from Sunday’s MTV’s Video Music Awards includingBritney Spears, Kanye West and of course his brawl with Tommy Lee. reports that Rock appeared on San Diego radio station Rock 105.3 this morning and responded to Tommy Lee’s internet post about the tussle at Sunday night’s awards in which he called Kid Rock ‘Kid Pebble’ and says Rock “bitch-slapped” him.

Pointing out that he did not respond online to Lee, Rock said “I don’t talk. And he’s doing what he does best, he’s talking. And I really can’t say a lot about it, my attorneys told me not to obviously, but I think there’s enough eyewitnesses there to say what happened and of course he has a different story which makes perfect sense.”

He then reportedly questioned why Lee was even at the ceremony.

“I was trying to figure out why is this whatever, 45 year old man, who’s not involved with the show, who doesn’t have an album coming out, who has nothing to promote, even sitting through this garbage? I go to those things because I have my album coming out October 9th, and I think it’s the best record I’ve done so I’m trying to promote that. Other than that I don’t want to go sit through Britney Spears lip-syncing and some kid dancing”

Rock commented on Britney’s now-infamous failed-comeback and her appearance saying:

“How does MTV do that, with like, is there some sort of special editing or camera filters they use, how do they make like Britney Spears look overweight and like she’s lip-synching like that? That was incredible.”

And despite accusing MTV of racism against Kayne West, Rock also suggested that West’s outburst was unnecessary.

“Obviously with Kanye West not winning the award, we know Bush doesn’t like black people, apparently MTV doesn’t either. I was walking through the press line you know and he came storming through like Norman, like hey you know, like it was D-Day or something. I’m like clam down man, it’s just a kind of corny award show.”

–By our New York staff.

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