Kid Rock is ‘flabbergasted’ by Beyoncé’s popularity

Rapper says Beyoncé "doesn't have a fucking 'Purple Rain'"

Kid Rock is “flabbergasted” by Beyoncé’s success, arguing that the singer hasn’t released a single on par with Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’.

The 44-year-old rapper – real name Robert Ritchie – was responding to a question posed by Rolling Stone about Beyoncé, stating his surprise that the former Destiny’s Child member is as popular as she is.

“Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a fucking ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth,” said Rock. “How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’? People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice fucking ass’. I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big tits’. Doesn’t really fucking do much for me.”

Ritchie previously referenced Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Seger in his 2000 single ‘American Bad Ass’ as two ‘kings of rock’n’roll’.

Just last month, Rock set his sights on actor Seth Rogen and filmmaker Michael Moore following comments both made about the movie ‘American Sniper’. Taking to Twitter, Rogan compared the piece to ‘Nation’s Pride’, a pseudo Nazi propaganda film-within-a-film that featured in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’, while Moore, also posting via the social network, revealed his uncle had been killed by a sniper during World War II and stated his belief that “snipers aren’t heroes”.

Writing on his official website, Rock posted: “Fuck you Michael Moore, you’re a piece of shit and your uncle would be ashamed of you. Seth Rogen, your uncle probably molested you. I hope both of you catch a fist to the face soon.”