Plus - Faye from Steps and Bob Dylan - the whole story...

Crazy bad-boy rapper man Kid Rock has melted a car.

The mental Kid, lover of big former breasted actress Pamela Anderson, had been attempting to install a new sound system in the car when the accident happened, The Daily Star reports. Despite the car costing probably something like $1million (about £60,000 or so), Kid Rock still loved putting it in a garage and melting it into a big flat plate. Mechanics and plastic merchants have been up in arms about his actions.

“I’m not sure this is what he meant to do,” one said. “I know Kid likes to fool around with radios and I’ve seen him playing with matches sometimes too, but when all this is put together it’s literally terrifying. I saw a car melt once at a drag racing meet in Illinois and I can tell you it’s no picnic. That car literally self-combusted. It’s not even useful enough for anything except remoulded seats or children’s bibs now. And I probably wouldn’t give it to children because it would smell of smoke and things and children like to bite on things and the car has been on the ground.

. Unbelievable.”

Elsewhere, The Star also reveal that Faye Tozer, former drummer with top-rating girl and boy bunch of crazies Steps, is turning into Bob Dylan. Her soon to be husband, who is Dutch, explained thatFaye has been literally writing a whole series of new songs that “are like Bob’s – poetic”.

Former fans of both Steps, and Bob Dylan are not surprised by the news. “It makes perfect sense,” said on such fan. “Both Faye and are veterans who have worked a lifetime to hone their particular sound. Both Faye and Bob came through the New York folk-scene in the early ’60s and are credited with being fundamental in the growth of rock ‘n’roll since then.

“Although Faye had to re-invent herself as a young woman and member of pop outfit Steps, it does not mean she has not been around for a long long time. The relationship she shared with Bob was like that Christopher Marlowe had with Shakespeare. Who knows exactly how much Faye (uncredited) wrote of ‘Bringing It All Back Home’, or indeed how much Dylan had to do with their ‘Steps: Gold’, the band’s recent Greatest Hits collection.”

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