The star also reveals to NME.COM he's seen the bootleg porn videos of his famous girlfriend...

KID ROCK has changed his notorious rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle after falling in love with PAMELA ANDERSON – and he’s exclusively revealed to NME.COM that he’s seen the former ‘BAYWATCH’ star’s bootleg porn videos.

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson have been appearing in the gossip pages and the US rap metal star has admitted that he and Anderson are an item. Pamela Anderson gained notoriety when video footage of her having sex with her then husband, ex-Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, was stolen and copied for sale on the Internet.

Kid Rock revealed that he no longer entertains groupies as he regularly used to do on tour.

He said: “I’m a one-woman man now. When girls come into the dressing room looking for the party I hand over the crown to one of the band, y’know, ‘You be the king’. A couple of years ago I was out to rock’n’roll and go with girls and whatever, but that was back then. I was surprised when I suddenly

didn’t wanna do it anymore. I was surprised to find myself sayin’ all this slushy lovey-dovey stuff to someone and totally, like, being in love.”

Asked if there would be a hardcore video of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson available on the Internet soon, he told NME.COM: “Hell no. I’ve seen bits of the other videos, but years ago. She was never a pin-up of mine, I never really took that much notice but we met at a tribute

show, she came over afterwards and sat down and started talking and we just clicked like that. I was surprised she was so genuine and down-to-earth and a really beautiful person, y’know, inside. It kinda went from there.”

Meanwhile, Kid Rock is appearing in new movie ‘Joe Dirt’, which is directed by ‘Dawson’s Creek’ director Dennie Gordon. Kid Rock stars alongside comedian David Spade, but says he has no further plans to appear in films.