And Sheryl Crow also shows up onstage in New York...

After topping the Australian singles charts, actress GWYNETH PALTROW has now joined KID ROCK onstage at a gig in NEW YORK.

She took the stage with Rock alongside Sheryl Crow for six songs, including a cover of ‘Black Betty’ by Ram Jam, ‘Squeeze Box’ by The Who and ‘It’s Only Love’, Crow‘s new single.

Paltrow’s duet with Huey Lewis on ‘Cruisin” topped the Australian charts in January, is understood to be appearing on Crow‘s next album and has been mooted to join her on tour.

Crow and Kid Rock had duetted on ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and, according to the New York Post, following a song about what he’d do if he were President, Rock told the audience: “She would be my First Lady.”

The gig took place at the Cutting Room, where the audience included actor Kyle McLachlan, John McEnroe and Gwyneth’s father Bruce Paltrow.