An unlikely endorsement - but a pro-life group have used the star's lyrics on his track 'Abortion' to back their stance...

Kid Rock has attracted the attention of the American religious right – except this time they are on his side.

Anti-abortion group Rock For Life, a division of the American Life League, has praised Rock for lyrics on the track ‘Abortion’, from his album ‘The History Of Rock’. Telling the story of a man whose partner has aborted their unborn child, the cited lyrics run: [I]”My veins are popping from this love inside/I’ve never heard you cry (and) I’ve never seen you whine/But still I must die to get to you/And if I do I wonder just how you will see me and implicate the things I’ve done/I’ll see you soon/Now where’s my gun”.

Through a statement on Rock For Life‘s official website, [url=], the organisation’s director Erik Whittington commented: “If Kid Rock is willing to confirm the identity of post-abortion trauma for men who have participated in the killing of their pre-born children, then why does (pro-choice organisation) Big Abortion deny that post-abortion trauma exists?”


He continued; “These haunting lyrics tell the tale of a man so tormented with post-abortion trauma that he is on the verge of committing suicide.”

However, the statement clarified that Rock For Life did not endorse Kid Rock‘s music or lifestyle, and unconditionally rejects the idea of suicide. Rock For Life are a youth-based pro-life campaigning organisation, focusing on popular music and ministry. Within their statement of purpose they claim: “Many of today’s popular artists speak out for abortion rights and raise money for pro-abortion causes. They are feeding our youth with the lie that abortion is not only an answer to their problems, but a right they must fight to protect.”

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