Kid Rock reckons he’s leading the race for Michigan senate seat

The country rapper launched his bid for political office earlier this month

Kid Rock has tweeted a report that claims he is in the lead to win Michigan’s senate race.

The musician announced his bid to run for office earlier this month, although many people initially thought it was part of a marketing campaign for a new record or similar.

Kid Rock tweeted a link to the article without comment. However, the piece’s headline reads: “BOOM! Kid Rock leads in Michigan senate race poll.”

It refers to a poll undertaken by Delphi Analytics that suggests he has an eight percent lead over Debbie Stabenow, the state’s democrat politician in the running.

However, if undecided voters are added in to the mix, the results show 44 percent of those polled as not being sure who to vote for, with Kid Rock on 30 percent and Stabenow on 26, as Loudwire reports.

When launching his political career, Kid Rock started a website called KidRockForSenate.Com.

It features slogans such as “Pimp of the nation”, “I’ll rock the party” and “In rock we trust,” which are partially what led some fans to believe it was all part of a marketing stunt.

Kid Rock has insisted this is a real political campaign, however. “It’s not a hoax, it’s a strategy and marketing 101!” he said. “No plans for an album or anything else that has been the usual norm in the music business OR politics.”

At present, the musician is yet to file with the Federal Election Commission to begin the process of running for office, but he still has time to do so. Meanwhile, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has already warned her supporters against laughing off his apparent plans. “We all thought Donald Trump was joking,” she wrote in an email.