Kid Rock says he can’t be cancelled: “I love it when they try”

The outspoken rocker told Tucker Carlson he thinks he's "uncancellable"

Kid Rock has said in a new interview that he doesn’t think he’s able to be cancelled, adding that he loves it when people try to.

The outspoken conservative rocker recently sat down with controversial Fox News host Tucker Carlson for a rare chat, which will air in full on Monday night (March 21).

“The legendary Kid Rock sits down with Tucker for a rare one-on-one interview. And nothing is off the table,” Carlson captioned a preview clip. “You’ll see part of the fascinating discussion Monday on Tucker Carlson Tonight at 8pm ET on Fox News.”


In the short preview, Carlson asks Rock: “Why haven’t you been cancelled? Like, people aren’t allowed to say what they think. You are.”

The ‘Cowboy’ singer responds by saying he’s “uncancellable” and that the reason is “’cause I don’t give a [fuck]”.

“I’m not in bed with any big corporate things,” he continues. “At the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to – no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing. You can’t cancel me. I love it when they try.”

Kid Rock is gearing up to put out a new album, ‘Bad Reputation’, which includes the recently released tracks ‘The Last Dance’, ‘Rockin” and ‘We The People’.

It also features the track ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’, which hears the rocker hit out at “snowflakes” and “offended millennials”.


A nation of pussies is our next generation,” Kid Rock says on the track, which arrived with a video that sees him wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan: “Social media sucks.”

He adds: “These minions and their agendas, every opinion has a millennial offended,” before rapping: “So what the fuck’s up with all the backlash/ you snowflakes here’s a news flash: ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to live.”

‘Bad Reputation’ will be released digitally on March 21, with physical copies arriving on April 6.

Kid Rock
Kid Rock. CREDIT: Getty

Meanwhile, Kid Rock has said that he’ll cancel concerts where COVID-19 vaccines are mandatory.

In a recent video on Facebook, the musician said he was sure his team hadn’t booked a venue with an existing mandate. However, he then went on to say that any that had “will be gone… by the time we’re going to get to your city.”

He continued: “If they’re not…you don’t have to worry, you’ll be getting your money back — because I won’t be showing up either!

“If you think I’m going to sit out there and sing, ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live’ and ‘We the People,’ while people are holding up their fucking vaccine cards and wearing masks — that shit ain’t happening.”

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