Kids In Glass Houses stream new album ‘In Gold Blood’ online

Welsh rockers' third album isn't officially released until Monday (August 15)

Kids In Glass Houses are streaming their new album ‘In Gold Blood’ online ahead of its release on Monday (August 15).

The album, which is the follow-up to their 2010 LP ‘Dirt’ can be heard at in full.

‘In Gold Blood’ has been described as a “concept” album by the band, with singer Aled Phillips previously telling NME of the album’s narrative story:

“It’s kind of set in this Mad Max, kind of Warriors world where people are all reduced to their carnal instincts and desires and are at their most basic. There’s two main characters, one’s called Annie May and the other is Gold Blood and it’s narrated by them going on this journey. It’s kind of an exaggerated version of my own life.


Phillips has also said the album takes as much inspiration from Bruce Springsteen as it does from My Chemical Romance.

He said of this:

I’m a massive fan of My Chemical Romance and I love their ambition and their drama, but we also took a lot from ‘Born To Run’. Bruce had this massive theatrical tip around then and we’ve taken a lot of that on board with ‘In Gold Blood’.

Kids In Glass Houses tour the UK in October and will play V Festival next weekend.