Kids In Glass Houses working on concept album

Welsh hardcore band plan ambitious third record

Kids In Glass Houses have said that their third album will be a concept album.

The Welsh hardcore band, who have been recording the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Dirt’, have revealed that there is a story binding all the album’s tracks together.

Lead singer Aled Phillips, writing on his blog at, wrote: “This will be a concept record. Rather than shooting off on my usual free-for-all tangent-laden lyrical assault, I have the skeleton of a story to flesh out with my lyrical meanderings and a journey to narrate.”


He added: “The tracklisting and the flow and the lyrics all need to be perfectly paced and written to tie the whole thing together. All the songs interlink and this is also going to be reflected in the music, much like when you listen to a score or a soundtrack.”

Kids In Glass Houses are currently on tour in Belgium and will return to the UK to play Sonisphere Festival in July.