Kids In Glass Houses’ Aled Phillips: ‘We won’t do another concept album’

Singer gives NME an update on the band's plans for the follow-up to 'In Gold Blood'

Kids In Glass Houses singer Aled Phillips has said that the band’s fourth studio album will definitely not be a concept record.

The band’s third effort ‘In Gold Blood’ told the story of two characters called Annie May and Gold Blood and their struggle to survive in a “Mad Max world where people are all reduced to their carnal instincts and desires”, but Phillips has said they will not revisit that particular storyline or seek to create a new one for their next LP.

Speaking to NME, Phillips said when asked if the band were looking to make another concept album when they write their fourth effort: “I don’t think we’ll do another concept album. We’ll take certain things from the recording process of ‘In Gold Blood’ and do them again, especially recording live, that made things a lot better. But I think we’re done with concept albums for now.”


Then asked how far along the band were with the creation of the album, Phillips said: “We’ll wrap up touring in September and then concentrate on doing a new record. Writing towards the end of this year and hopefully recording in the first part of next year It’s all in its infancy. We’re thinking about it, but we’ve not gone into a room and started making loud noises yet.”

Phillips also confirmed that the band had a full summer of festivals planned and that they would soon be adding more appearances to their slots at Hit The Deck and Liverpool Sound City festivals.

He said of the band’s summer plans: “We’ve got a bunch of UK festivals and lots of other ones that we’ve confirmed but not announced. That will all come out soon though.”

You can watch the video for Kids In Glass Houses‘ recent single ‘Animals’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking. The band are currently touring the UK as main support to You Me At Six.