Kiefer Sutherland: ‘This isn’t just a British institution – it’s one of the greatest festivals in the world’

The actor and musician made his debut appearance at Worthy Farm over the weekend with a set on the Avalon Stage

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that being invited to play at Glastonbury 2017 was one of “the greatest honours of my life.”

The 24 actor and musician played a country and western set on the Avalon Stage on Sunday (June 25), but he wasn’t the only Hollywood A-lister to visit Worthy Farm over the weekend – the likes of Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp were also spotted.

Speaking to NME after his set, Sutherland said that he and his band had “had a blast” performing.


“It’s such an honour to have been invited, I can’t even begin to say,” he remarked. “This isn’t just a British institution, it’s a worldwide institution. This is one of the great festivals of the world, so to have been asked to play here is a little frightening, but also one of the greatest honours of my life. It’s an afternoon that I won’t forget.

“There’s an energy here that’s very special,” he continued. “I’ve never seen that at any other festival… this festival has left a greater impression [on me] than any other before.”

Sutherland also said that he’d love to return to Glastonbury in future years, before recalling how one encounter with an injured festivalgoer had inspired him to return to Worthy Farm one day.

“I met a woman out there who broke her rib, and I asked her how she did it and she said: ‘Oh, I was riding a horse and fell off.’ I was like: ‘Holy shit, you can have horses here?!’ That’s what I’m gonna do – get a tipi and a horse and come back and hang out for a couple of days.”

Asked about Jeremy Corbyn’s hugely-attended speech on Saturday (June 24), Sutherland was hopeful that the good feeling generated by the Labour leader’s appearance could counter recent “negative messages.”