Kiiara pays tribute to Chester Bennington after collaborating on final Linkin Park single before his death

"These next two songs are for Chester."

American singer Kiiara has paid tribute to Chester Bennington after she lent her vocals to ‘Heavy’, Linkin Park‘s final single before Bennington died earlier this month.

The tribute came as she performed at New York’s Panorama festival and dedicated the final moments of her set to Bennington.

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“It’s been a pretty rough week”, she said. “I don’t know what to say and there’s nothing really to make it better, but these next two songs are for Chester.”

After the emotional words, Linkin Park’s ‘Battle Symphony’ began playing before the singer stood aside and let the track play out.

She then finished her set with a heartfelt rendition of ‘Heavy’, which saw her perform her vocal parts on the track while backed by her own drummer and keyboardist.

Over the weekend, Bennington was buried near his Palos Verdes home, with hundreds of close family and friends in attendance at the ceremony.

Bennington’s ex-wife Samantha has also paid tribute in an emotional Facebook post.

“No matter if you saw him on stage, had an opportunity to meet him anywhere he truly touched everyone in a positive way. He absolutely loved singing for each & every one of you & for all of his friends & family at home all the time”, she wrote in the post.