‘Kill Tory Scum’ band Killdren hit back over having Glastonbury set pulled

Killdren post link to "the real violence in society" after their Shangri-La slot is axed.

Killdren have responded after their upcoming set at Glastonbury was pulled over the controversy around their song ‘Kill Tory Scum’.

The band had been due to appear at the Shangri-Hell International TV stage on Friday June 28, a tent organised by Glastonbury’s Shangri-La promoters.

Killdren’s booking was cancelled on Sunday. A statement by Shangri-La, which can be seen in full below, said: “We in no way condone violence and will not allow this matter to overshadow the incredibly inclusive spirit of Glastonbury”.


The lyrics of ‘Kill Tory Scum’ include: “Even if it’s your dad or your mum/Kill Tory scum, kill Tory scum… Murder them all to the beat of a drum/Kill Tory scum, kill Tory scum.

Killdren’s appearance had been criticised by The Jo Cox Foundation, the anti-violence organisation established after Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right protestor in her constituency in Birstall, West Yorks in 2016. The Foundation called ‘Kill Tory Scum’ “completely abhorrent”.

On Twitter, Killdren hit back at the cancellation. They wrote: “As we have been pulled from the Glastonbury line-up for promoting violence – if you have been sucked into the ‘publicity’ – give the video a watch for facts about the real violence in society inflicted by Tory policies!” It linked to the video for Kill Tory Scum, whose full title is ‘Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You)’.


Killdren had previously performed ‘Kill Tory Scum’ at Boomtown Fair festival in 2018, which they played while kicking, punching and spitting at a man dressed in a suit emblazoned with the message “Kill Tory Scum”.

The band defended the song to The Sunday Times, saying: “The piece would not exist if the violent and destructive policies of the Tory party hadn’t taken such a devastating toll on the UK.”