Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike defends student’s rap about teachers’ sexual misconduct

The hip hop star teamed up with a professor to write the op-ed for CNN

Killer Mike of Run The Jewels has written an open editorial essay to defend a student who was suspended from school after releasing a rap track accusing two teachers from his school of sexual misconduct.

The case which is currently going through the US Supreme Court concerns a Mississippi high school who forced student, Taylor Bell, to attend an alternative school in 2010 for rapping about the allegations.

Bell was alerted to the allegations against two of the school’s coaches by several female students, after creating the song he posted it to Facebook and YouTube.


Along with University of Richmond professor and author Erik Nielson, Mike wrote for CNN: “Drawing on the long tradition of social protest in rap music, as well as the profane and violent rhetoric that is common to the genre, the song takes (metaphorical) aim at the coaches with phrases like “f***ing with the wrong one gon’ get a pistol down your mouth (Boww!).”

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The piece goes on to suggest that the track and student were penalised as he chose rap and his medium of protest.

“Rap, which grew out of black and Latino communities that were facing urban decay at its worst, has been contentious, sometimes polarizing, for as long as it has existed.

“No doubt, this is in large part because of rappers’ willingness to confront institutions of power and openly defy social conventions with language that is provocative, even offensive, to some.”

The United States Supreme Court will have to agree to hear the case, Bell v. Itawamba County School Board. However, if they decline, the school’s original decision will stand.