Killer Mike urges fans to see past ‘see past class, race and culture’ following Michael Brown death

Unarmed teen shot dead by police in St Louis earlier this month

Killer Mike has taken to Instagram to discuss the recent death of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager shot dead by police in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri last week.

The Run The Jewels rapper (pictured aove, left) posted a photo of the teenager’s grieving mother and stepfather, alongside text in which the rapper gives his thoughts on police brutality and the abuse of power – labeling the incident as “govt-sanctioned murder”.

Considering the tragedy of the incident, he wrote: “We are human beings. We deserve to be buried by our children not the other way around. No matter how u felt about black people look at this mother and look at this father and tell me as a human being how u cannot feel empathy for them.”


He then went on to say that “I care that we as humans care as much about one another more. I care we see past Class, race and culture and honor the humanity that unites our species.” The full post can be seen here.

Meanwhile, Killer Mike and fellow Run the Jewels member El-P are currently working on a follow-up to their 2013 self-titled debut album.

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