Killer Mike explains why hip hop likes Bernie Sanders in new 2020 campaign video

The Bernie and Killer Mike bromance continues

Killer Mike says Bernie Sanders resonates so strongly with the hip hop community because he’s the only presidential candidate speaking directly to the working class.

In a new campaign video, which is part of Sanders’ push to become the Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 US election, the two have a sit-down conversation where the Run The Jewels rapper refutes the idea that Sanders is simply pandering to the hip-hop community.

“People ride you a little for getting hip-hop on board, but it’s not like you sent out feelers in the hottest clubs, you don’t have Bernie Sanders in the compound, buying bottles, recruiting us,” Mike says to Sanders. “Kids in hip-hop come from working class and poor environments [and that’s why you appeal].”


Mike also praises Sanders for speaking up about issues like diabetes and free health care. He adds: “Black people are more disproportionately affected by diabetes than any other group. So when you say diabetes and are talking about free health care, I want people who look like me on the other side of the camera to recognize this is a black issue.”

Responding to Mike, Sanders insists he will clamp down on greedy pharmaceutical companies should he get into the White House. “Last year, Mike, the top ten drug companies made $69 billion in profit,” he says.

“So the issue that we throw out there, the policy issue is, is the function of health care to provide quality care to all, or is it to make huge profits for the drug companies and the insurance companies.”

Killer Mike, who has been a visible supporter of Sanders for several years now and previously appeared in an interview video with the veteran politician in a black barber’s shop, isn’t the only notable US rapper to campaign for Sanders.


Earlier this month, female rap superstar Cardi B also sat down with the Vermont senator to record a campaign video. Among other things, the pair discussed raising the minimum wage for American workers.

Sanders is currently seeking the Democrat Presidential nomination for 2020, but faces a crowded field of competition. The likes of Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker are among his main rivals.

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